Which nutrients speed up hair growth?

You’ve noticed that your hair is thinning. Maybe you’re worried about how many more strands you find in your brush, in the drain, and on your clothes. You’ve asked yourself what’s causing the problem. Could it be a change in the weather? Is it stress? Or is it pregnancy or menopause?

hair growth supplements

Yes, it could be all of those things. Too much stress, hormonal imbalance, and switching climates can all make hair fall out faster than normal.

But that’s not all that can cause hair loss. Genetic hair loss affects women just as it does men. Also, some medications cause hair to fall out. The classic example is chemotherapy.

In addition, lack of essential nutrients will slow down hair production and weaken existing hair. This deficit could also result from stress, illness, or medication. The body could be unable to absorb vitamins and minerals properly.

It’s common for hair growth supplements to cover all the bases. They include vitamins plus DHT-blockers that fight androgenic hair loss.

If you take supplements to fight hair loss, you’re likely to see biotin and B-complex vitamins listed on the label. These nutrients support healthy hair and nail growth. Moreover, since they are water soluble, they are unlikely to build up to toxic levels in the body.

Next, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows down aging. It protects hair follicles so that they produce healthy, thick strands. Furthermore, it prevents graying.

After that, zinc slows down shedding and treats alopecia. Vitamin D has a similar effect.

One of the advantages of taking a hair growth supplement or using a hair growth treatment like DHT-blocking shampoo is that you can combine their power without adverse effects.

Should you prefer to stick to your customary multivitamin rather than a new supplement, you can still fight hair loss with a laser hair growth device. Again, you can treat your scalp with low-level light therapy at the same time you use a special shampoo, conditioner, or topical foam treatment.