Best Way to do Gel Nails at Home

To the nail enthusiast, there is no such thing as can’t do attitude when it comes to creating gorgeous nails. Especially now that there are several brands to choose from. The opportunities for creating stylish nails that you can flaunt for weeks are endless. Having various nail products to turn to as well as various sources of information to turn to make it easier to have the quality of nails desired even at the comfort of your own home.

Gone are the days that you have to spend time at a salon to have your nails done for a few hours only to find out that they’d get cracked or chipped after only a few days. Nail pigments are made stronger and more durable and many nail fanatics will just have to find the best nail polish to go for to have that ultimate nail style that is simply indestructible. It’s like wearing an armor on your nails. You can keep it stunningly attractive and totally impenetrable

Best Way to do Gel Nails at Home

Such are the benefits that you will get when you use nail polish alternatives that are not made to be like regular nail polish. They are not just durable, they are also made to be healthy and free from some toxic ingredients that are usually found in regular nail polish brands. You’ll see them labeled as three-free or free from the toxic trio (Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, or DBP, and Toluene), and some even removing other considered harmful ingredients. Such brands include OPI, SNS, Kiara Sky dip powder, Spa Ritual, Suncoat, and LDS dipping powder.

To make them even more appealing, they add essential nutrients that support nail growth to the formulation, instead. Imagine having to flaunt gorgeous nails that won’t take as much time as it would if you have to visit an expensive salon and wear them longer than what ordinary nail polish brands would allow. If you would like to save money, time, effort, and even your nail health do your own manicure and pedicure at home. To make it more interesting, you can use gel nail polish alternatives to leave a lasting shine that will survive scratches, bumps, and will be chip-free for weeks. There are several polish brands that offer this nail polish formulation like those mentioned earlier. A DIY gel nail kit is all you need to create stunning nails even without stepping foot in a salon.

You will also need to invest in some tools and products, but if you will compare the costs for all these from what you will have to pay at an average salon to get a gel manicure until you may have used up all the products that you have at home, for sure you will have more savings in the long run.

So,” where can you buy these DND DC gel?”, you may ask. Different brands may offer separate bottles of the gel nail polish either online or at local stores near you. You may also opt for a starter kit as they contain all the products that you may need to do a gel nail at home or wherever you prefer. It also contains specialized products needed to create the perfect gel manicure at home.

One of the special equipment that you will need for this purpose is a UV lamp. Some gel formulations require the heat of the lamp to cure. That means if you are using a gel polish that requires curing, you won’t have perfect gel nails unless you place your nails painted with a gel polish under a UV lamp.

If you don’t have a UV lamp and don’t like to purchase one, you still can have gel nails with other gel nail brands that do not require to be cured under a best UV nail lamp, such as OPI, LDS nails, Essie, Sally Hansen, , Deborah Lippman, SNS nails and CND Shellac.

If you need some interesting gel nail polish that do not disappoint, you can check out this link. Find the best shades and the best nail pigments that you can show off for weeks. Once painted on your nails, they will remain chip-free and will last for up to two weeks. That’s less stress for your and more time to do other things that you love.

If you are ready to give gel nail polish a go, you can follow this simple instruction and have gorgeous-looking nails in no time.

Like any other nail polish application, you will need a freshly cleaned surface to paint the colors on. Trim, file and buff your nails, then gently push back the cuticles and clean the nail bed. You’ll want to make sure that there are no free edges or uneven surface. You will also need to shape the nails and have it take on a form that will enhance the look of your fingers.

You’ll then need to use a cleanser to clean each of your nails. Buffing as well as dehydrating the surface of the nail is necessary to ensure that your manicure will last longer.

Once your nail surfaces are ready, you can apply a thin layer of pH Bond nail prep. Let it dry for about 30 seconds or as required.

Then, apply your foundation coat to each nail. Make sure that you cap the free edges of your nails as this will help prevent the polish to chip. Cure for about 60 seconds under the UV nail light if needed.

Your nails are now ready for the application of the gel polish of the color of your choice to your nails. Don’t be in a rush. Most gel nail polish brands are self-leveling, so it’ll be easy to apply the gel color. Even then, you still would want to make sure that you’re painting only your nails and not the skin surrounding them. Be patient. You’ll soon get better after a few more applications.

There are UV lamps that are not big enough to allow all five fingers in one setting, so you will have to place only 4 fingers at a time. Cure them for 2 minutes. For a more solid color, you may want to apply a second or a third coat of the polish. You will have to cure the nails after every application, however.

Once you are satisfied with the depth of the color on your nails, you can finish off with a thin layer of the top coat as this will seal the gel on your nails, then cure under the UV lamp for another 2 minutes and you are done.

Applying gel polish and other healthy nail polish alternatives are the easiest way you can do to provide a protective covering for your nails. But as they are intended primarily to enhance the look of your nails, you will need to do other things to keep your nails healthy and strong.

Sticking to a healthy diet and maintaining proper grooming habits are things that you should never neglect. Keep it up and enjoy healthy looking nails that you can flaunt for weeks with one of the best gel nail polish available online and at any local store providing similar products.