How To Remove Nail Polish On Your Skin Easily

It is not uncommon that your nail polish may find its way on your skin while you are doing a manicure or pedicure. Your nail polish remover may just be the easiest solution for the spill, but it is not the best thing to have on your skin. Your regular nail polish remover is formulated to contain acetone that can be dry and harm the skin. Your best option would be one of these natural nail polish removers.

remove nail polish

1. No-acetone nail polish remover

Fortunately, there are DND DC nail polish remover brands that have been made without acetone. You can dip the cotton-covered edge of an orange stick or a cotton swab on the formula and wipe the stains off your skin. Once done, apply some cuticle oil, cream or jelly on the skin to naturally hydrate the skin as well as the nails.

2. Warm water

Scrub or soak the area with warm soapy water where there are nail polish streaks for a few minutes. You may use a dry cloth, an orange stick, or a cotton bud to clean the affected surface. Rub of the nail polish gently.

3. Body or hairspray

Personal care products like a body or a hairspray contains chemicals that can easily remove nail polish stains. Just spray some of the product on the skin once the nail polish has completely dried off, then wipe it off with a cotton swab or an orange stick. Wash off the portion of your skin where you sprayed the product to remove any residue of the spray from your skin.

4. Toothpaste

Here is another common household product that can help you to easily remove nail polish that landed on your skin while you were painting your nails. To avoid any of the paste to smear on other parts of your hands and nails, use an orange stick or a cotton bud to wipe off the stain on your skin using some of the toothpaste.

6. Perfume

This product is a good alternative for your body or hair spray. Just do the same thing as how a body spray or a hair spray may be used to clear off the nail polish stain on the skin.

7. Glue

You have to put on any regular glue around your nails before you apply the nail polish on your nails. This will prevent the nail polish product to drip onto your skin while you are doing a manicure or a pedicure. Just peel off the glue once you are done with your nails.

Now, you will never run out of ways to have neatly polished nails any time. Just to make each manicure or pedicure a blissful one, make sure to take note of these simple tips and tricks.

1. Do not shake your nail polish bottle

Instead, roll the bottle of nail polish between your hands while holding it vertically. This will leave even layers of polish on your nails without the bubbles.

2. Apply a thin coat of polish per layer

This will make the polish to dry better and faster. It will also lessen the probability of the polish clumping on your nails.

3. Always use a base and a top coat

This will make the nail polish color to stick better to your nails. The base coat also forms a protective layer on which the pigmented polish may latch and not stain the nail surface. The top coat, on the other hand, seals the polish even better. Don’t forget to swipe the tips of your nails when you do. This will keep your tips from getting chipped.

4. You need three strokes to perfectly lay down the nail color on your nails

Starting with a good-sized bead of polish at the end of your nail polish brush, from the base of the nail, then swipe to the left, to the right, then down to the center of the nail.

5. Always use a three-free nail polish

Formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) are the common ingredients added to a nail polish formula. These ingredients do more harm to the nails, however. When choosing the nail polish brand, make sure that you pick one that is either a three-free or a five-free formula. SNS nails is a great suggestion.

With continuous practice, you will see that you will get better in painting your nails. Always make it a habit to do every step in the nail painting process slowly, gently, and with precise movements, so you will get to enjoy fabulous hands that you can wear proudly.