Seven Gel Colors to Make Your Wedding Day More Special

The wedding day is the most crucial in everyone’s lives because it changes their lives. So, it is natural for you to make numerous decisions before your wedding day. Everything has to be perfect on that day, including your bridal makeup, hairstyle, and wedding attire. What about your nails? They are equally important and should get the attention they deserve.

Matching your nail manicure with the wedding attire should not be a problem because wedding dresses are usually white. Your nail gel colors should match your jewelry because they should look attractive but simultaneously not overshadow them. Let us discuss beautiful gel color designs that should perfectly suit your wedding dress and make you feel more special.

Best Gel Colors for Your Wedding Day

The nudes should be perfect

No other color shade can be more flattering than the nudes. The best aspect of the nude gel colors is that you have colors that match every skin tone. However, the best nude shade that generally suits all skin tones is the toasted beige color with pink undertones. The nude shade gives a minimalistic look but perfectly matches your jewelry and attire. So, if you wish to be simple and yet make a forceful statement, the nude nail colors should be ideal.

The pinkish beige sets the dance floor on fire

Most women love the pinkish-white beige on their nails on their wedding day because it is the perfect color to have on the dance floor. While the pinkish hue covers the entire nail and enhances the opaque feeling, it can gel with other color combinations and suit varying skin tones. This color shade tops the preference list as it ranked among the top shades that Megan Markle shortlisted for her wedding with Prince Harry. While the wedding happed in 2018, this shade is still a massive rage with wannabe brides.

White is always beautiful

Nothing can be more enchanting than the white shades for weddings. You have a white gown, shoes, and ribbons, so why not have white nails? While white comes in various combinations, the moonlight white shades or the creamy ivory hues should be the perfect nail gel colors to try during your wedding. You can also try out the butterscotch cream shades with a yellowish tinge to give your nails the pearlescent finish.

The deeper pinks add sophistication

Brides are always synonymous with blushing because it comes naturally to them. Similarly, the pretty pinks can deliver a vintage look by enhancing your blush quotient manifold. The deep pinks are the perfect girly shades that exude your femininity to the maximum of your wedding day. Besides being sophisticated, the deep pinks look gorgeous on your nails and takes your attraction quotient to the next level.

The apricot shade can look impressive

While the pinkish nudes should cater to all skin tones, the apricot cream shade is ideal for deeper skin tones. This shade suits people with fair and wheatish complexions more than others. Another exciting aspect of the top-quality gel colors is that they do not include any harmful ingredients. So, the apricot cream shade should be perfect for enhancing your nail health while making you look as gorgeous as possible.

Think out of the box and wear blue

While blue is not a much-favored nail color choice for a wedding because of its dark overtones, it should be ideal for light blue with gray overtones. It can look subtle and match your jewelry and wedding attire perfectly. Besides, people with dark skin would love this shade as it contrasts beautifully with their skin tone. While the light blue does not necessarily qualify as an ideal nude shade, it delivers the most neutral look on your wedding day.

The lilac white combo can be the perfect alternative to the light blue

If you have doubts about wearing blue and not looking out of place, the lilac white combo should be ideal. This shade provides the perfect change from the traditional pink nudes people generally have for their weddings. We suggest that you go for the top-quality nail colors gel brands because you can be sure of their ingredients. In addition, the 10-free and vegan look ensures no cruelty to animals. The best feature of this lilac white shade is perfect for nail art.

Final Thoughts

While choosing the most compatible nail shade is the best thing to do, you should be careful. Besides the colors and the finish, you should ensure that the nails are chip resistant. You would not like to have your nail polish chipping out of your nails on the most important day of your life. So, curing your nail gel colors well under a UV lamp is critical. Then, we suggest you approach a nail salon for your wedding day nail manicure because they do the perfect job.