Spray Tanning Aftercare – All You Need to Know

Spray tanning is an incredibly the safest method to get tanned tone skin as it does not involve direct exposure to UV rays in any manner. It is caused by the natural element known as dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and hence safe. DHA is derived from sugar beets and is colorless. The amino acids react enzymatically with the epidermis of the skin, making the outer layer of the skin dark, temporarily.

Spray Tanning Aftercare – All You Need to Know

Suntan causes damage to the permanent layers of the skin leading to more severe issues. That is not the case with the spray tans, and hence you can look beautiful without any severe outcomes. But well, it needs aftercare, which is also as simple as the spray tanning process. Your skin will need exclusive products that are designed for after spray, i.e., the best after spray tan body washes would help in keeping the tan intact.

Maintenance of Spray Tan

As the dead skin cells peel and fall off, the tan fades, and you return to your usual tone in a week or ten days if properly maintained. Maintenance means following up with special moisturizers after spray tan along with the after rules.

The following tips are written assuming that you are taking this from after you are just done spray tanning. You are looking for advice on maintaining the tan longer on you; then these are the golden rules.

Do Not Get Wet

Avoid the below for at least the next 8 hours and better for longer.

  • Shower
  • Sweat
  • Rain
  • Swimming

Shower Time

After you pass your waiting period, you can shower with warm water and better to avoid soap. Using the best body wash after a spray tan will ensure the enzymatic reaction stays. Treat yourself to water till it runs clean and then just pat dry gently. Rubbing or any abrasive movement is not allowed.


Avoid sweating by not doing strenuous things or workouts, including running and by sitting in a cool place with the breeze. Because when you sweat, they from the ugly streaks which you may not like and might make you look worst.


Be aware of rain forecast and always be prepared for the rain because wherever you get wet before wait time, you will lose your color


Well, it is common sense that you avoid swimming soon after. The more time you avoid, the more you retain.


Avoid shaving with a razor, and if you do pass it gently so that the top layer of the skin does not get eroded.


It means removing the topmost layer that we just colored and hence a big no.


Moisturizing is a tricky part as not all moisturizers are compatible with the spray-tanned skin. So, opting for particular best after spray tan moisturizers would give you that advantage of allowing the tan to last longer. Another advantage apart from moisturizing is, the tan does not fade in patches and fades evenly.

Tan Enhancer

Little amounts of DHA are added to tan enhances to keep your tan improving as it starts fading. So, this can be alternated with the moisturizer every other day, as it adds a little bit of tone to you when you do so. That balances the fading tan and gets it to last longer.

Apart from all the above maintenance tips, another essential thing to note is to wear dark-colored clothes soon after getting sprayed, and it also must be loose clothing. Anything that clings to your body will absorb the sprayed solution and rub it off your body, so be cautious. Finally, do not panic if you look darker after overnight; you will look at your actual color soon after the shower washing away the bronzer.