Top Trending of Mint Nail Design With OPI Gel Polish in 2021

Are you looking for a nail design that is both gentle, soothing and eye-catching but equally youthful, dynamic, gentle and extremely loving? So, do you know nail designs with mint OPI gel polishcolor is currently a hot trend, leading the current trend but still boldly feminine, gentle and youthful?

We usually only care about which nail designs are hot, which gel colors are trending, and which decorative patterns are trendy. But quarantine time has changed everything, we have so much time and we are passionate about finding out the best gel nail polish to buy. In particular, OPI gel polish is a super-effective assistant in the beauty work for all girls on this planet. But not everyone knows well about the uses and characteristics of O.P.I products.

Why Should You Buy OPI Gel Colors to Design Nail Art?

OPI is a brand from the US. This company’s first product was introduced to the market in 1981. Up to now, the company has had a long process to bring many quality products to the clients. OPI gel polish is so famous, it is always the first choice of consumers and is always OPI’s best-selling product. This company provides gel nail polish with smooth paint, diverse colors, satisfying the needs of the majority of people. Even if you are the most demanding customer, you will still be satisfied with the quality of OPI gel polish.

OPI’s gel color palette is also extremely diverse, with up to 200 different color codes. You like gentle nude tones, bright colors, radiant to bold colors, trendy colors are also full. The composition of OPI gel color is rich in nutrients, protecting nails without being afraid of yellowing at all. OPI gel color is a thin brush-on formula, designed for high performance and a glossier finish compared to a regular nail polish.

That’s why “add to cart” and “click” to buy OPI gelcolor are always at the top of the distribution and supply channels of nail products. Now! Let’s take a look at some mint nail designs with OPI gel polish that are both beautiful and gentle but boldly youthful and dynamic and are currently the new trend of girls!

Some Mint Nail Designs with OPI Gel Polish

Mint Green Nail Design One Color

This mint OPI gel polish color is simple, light and very eye-catching, very suitable for girls who like the lightness, youthfulness, dynamism but not less the feminine part whether you have short or long nail form.

Multi-colored Mint Green Nail Designs

The combination of these two pastel OPI gel polish (mint- light pink pastel) together has created a nail design that is both harmonious, eye-catching and especially attracts all eyes from people around! If you have a rebellious, personality and disruptive style, this multi-colored mint nail design was born for you!

The combination of colors and the same palette from dark-light or even other pastel colors gives us a really unique and cute nail set. Because the basic mint OPI gel polish is already very pretty and can be combined with other colors, the standard does not need to be adjusted to be both beautiful and eye-catching but also very trendy.

Mint Green Nail Design at the Tip of the Nail

The sweetness, lightness and romance have been described and shown in this mint green nail set and I am sure that through this nail design, you will find your love! A little blue sea ripple on the tip of your fingernail has helped you have a summer vacation so fresh, gentle, peaceful and full of blue!

This combination is extremely perfect and eye-catching as well as very fashionable, using OPI gel color to create a nail design for girls with long nails that are beautiful, eye-catching and very luxurious.

Mint Nail Design with Cute and Funny Drawings

A few simple strokes and stripes at the tip of the nail have created an extremely cute nail picture, impressing everyone around, but the intricate drawings and unique ombre color scheme. Creating a wonderful picture as well as impressing and attracting all eyes from everyone around.

Creating a highlight for the nail art is quite difficult and so as to become eye-catching and to be able to attract all eyes from everyone around is a problem. It looks so funny and lovely when the avocado and the milk tea cup becomes the inspiration to be painted on the nail that shows the youth and femininity of the person wearing these kinds of nail designs.

A few unique, personality, dynamic and youthful drawings have created a highlight as well as increased the beauty, beauty and eye-catching of your nail set! The drawing of a few strokes of the fire pattern drawn in the center of the nails is simple, but it has created a very youthful and perfect overall impression for the nail set of a young, dynamic and unpretentious girl.

Mint Green Nail Design with Glitter

The interlacing, alternating between gel colors as well as glitter has helped make the nail set become more sparkling, gorgeous and sassy, ​​especially these glittery mint nail models in the morning. The evening party will help you become the focus of the party!

The combination of mint green OPI gel polish and silver/ Gold glitter has created an extremely perfect, smooth and adorable nail set for girls. The mixing and sticking of glitter on the OPI gel polish is to bring more elegance and sophistication to the nails. Although it is not new, it still creates the perfect effect and creates a beautiful highlight for your nails.


If you ask “Should you buy OPI gel colors?”, the answer is definitely “YES”. Because of the prestige, long history of establishment and operation of the OPI company. Certainly, high price comes with high quality. OPI gel polish is really the best gel polishinthe USA and the whole world. If you are a team addicted to nail art, why don’t you try it and see how it goes? Wish everyone would own excellent beautiful nail sets.