All You Should Know about DND Gel Nail Polish

DND nail care products have their place as first on the list for beautiful nail lovers. As it has been regularly said, you might begin to wonder why you bothered about other brands of nail polish after your first buy and try of DND nail polish.

Why should I buy DND Nail polish?

DND nail care collection, fully known as Daisy nail designs, manufactures Nail beauty products, including nail polish, salon products, and UV gels. The brand has been producing since 2012 and has been responsible for flooding the market and salons with unique products.

You would recognize a DND polish when you see one being used, as they bring about the extraordinary beauty in nails. The brand is responsible for creating the freshest and softest nail colors you would ever encounter in your retail store.

You should not be bewildered if you run into the DND nail polish CEO, Mr. Loc Duong, at your favorite salon or beauty store. He finds the time to get personal feedback from users of this brand; this is how much he holds the products to heart.

DND Nail Polish, The best?

Sticking with the DND collection saves you the stress of always trying out other brands searching for the perfect nail polish, as they would serve your nail long-lasting and the flawless beauty you desire.

DND polishes are done right from start to finish. From the product’s quality, you would conclude that the brand has perfection in mind when creating. The immense time and resources invested in Research and Development provide the highest and long-lasting quality nail polish collections. Hence, you would not regret buy DND nail polish for yourself or someone you love.

Common Products

There are various products, in several colors and types, offered by the brand. Here are a few common DND products.

DND Gel Polish 

With over 400 colors of gel polish, DND offers a variety and overall quality in these products. These gel nail polish are luminous, reflecting the ray of light, giving the light spectrum perception to viewers.

DND gel nail polish is easy to apply and does not feel heavy on your nails, so after fast application, you almost feel your nails are thinner and more beautiful.

Most importantly, they are non-toxic in component; unlike some other brands, the polish is fused with essential vitamins and gives strength to your nails, and alluring through the week.

Based on your preference, the DND nail polish collection includes:

  • DND Essentials 

This requires no cleansing, unlike other gel brands, is easily applied in less than 2 minutes, hence saving time. And affordability helps save money as it provides a chip-resistant feature after finishing lasting up to 2 weeks straight. In this category, you will find the DND top and base combo coats.

  • DND Gel Polish Duo 

DND gel polish duo and varnish ensure your nails are completely covered with a shiny finish lasting up to two weeks. DND gel polish duo is vegan-friendly and possesses unique qualities that stand it out from other products on the market. Also, you have more than 300 colors for your beautiful look, and each set comes with a gel and matching lacquer for a perfect combination.

How to Seamlessly Remove DND gel nail polish at home

Choose a Well-Ventilated Space

Ensure the space you want to use for removing your gel polish is well-aerated so you will have enough room for your removal process. A spacious environment will also ensure you do not inhale much of the acetone from the nail polish.

You should take your time and not rush the process. We recommend at least 30 minutes to complete the entire removal process.

Prepare your Nail File

Before using your nail polish remover, use a coarse nail file to gently and slowly rub the nail polish top layer.

Ensure you do not sand off the entire nail polish; all you need to do is slowly rough up the topcoat. Also, do not file too deep into the color as you intend to remove the shine.

Protect Your Skin

The next thing is to coat the surrounding skin and tip of the fingers with thick cream or cuticle oil. The essence of this is to protect your skin from acetone which can dehydrate skins.

Soak Little Quantity of Cotton Balls

One of the useful tips to remove gel polish is to dip your fingertips in acetone. This can be achieved by dipping your fingertips in an acetone-filled bowl with one or two drops of cuticle oil. Alternatively, you can soak cotton balls in acetone and apply them to each nail.


In this article, we have discussed little details about DND gel nail polish, summon products, and how to remove nail polish seamlessly in the comfort of your home. We hope you try out our suggested methods!